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Field Report of Anatoly Zherebtsov

Anatoly comes from Poltawa, which is in Ukraine. He is a student since October 2013 and describes his first three semesters in Schmalkalden as following:

"When doing a course in Schmalkalden, I have gained a great experience in making different projects, preparing presentations, participating in discussions and working as a team member. The University students are given a variety of academic subjects, which they can choose at their discretion. Moreover, students are free to determine their workload, e.g. the number of credits they would like to get within one semester. (Basically, it should be 30 ECTS per semester).
All in all, the University provides good facilities for studies. Furthermore, there are good sporting facilities. If you are health conscious, you can take part in different sporting events, which are arranged all year round, especially during the summer semester.
In addition, once the semester fee is paid, students are given student cards, which give them a legal right to take regional trains in Thuringia free of charge, which is a good reason to travel within Thuringia, which is considered to be one of the most picturesque and ecologically safe places in Germany. There are a lot of walking and cycle paths. So you can enjoy both playing sports and watching majestic scenery." - Anatoly Zherebtsov (20.01.2015)
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